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Tree Care Takes More Than A Wood Chipper

No one said that being an arborist is an easy job. Planting, pruning, tree removal and soil management are some of the services that specialized workers provide in order to ensure proper tree care. In fact, all trees should be pruned after a certain period of time so you can avoid annoying situations such as tree diseases, insects, emergency tree care. Furthermore through arborist’s work, you can keep trees in good health adding style and value to your house. On the other hand, it is said that taking care of trees can be a very dangerous job because heavy equipment and machinery is used. As a result, it should be done only by certified arborists since an arborist can easily determine the type of machinery necessary to improve the trees’ appearance and safety.

image of a luxury home with an old tree in need of care

An arborist’s tools and equipment

Arborists can have more than $100,000 in equipment that ranges from rigging and climbing equipment to cutting and tree removal equipment. The quality of machinery is as important as the job to perform since the worker should always focus on the safety of the plants. Have you ever wondered what you can find inside an arborist’s toolbox? Well, first is first, you should first find hearing protection, safety glasses and at least a helmet.
You also might find climbing equipment which is crucial for tree care as well as it is considered the most dangerous part. That’s why a certified arborist must have a rope wrench which can come in handy when climbing trees. In addition, saddles are normally required for this procedure as well.
Sometimes cutting branches of large trees is necessary, therefore rigging equipment is crucial to taking them to the ground safely. Arborists will use tools such as ring slings, power puller, friction brakes and a lot of rope in order to successfully bring any cut limbs to the ground.
It is important to know that hiring an arborist can be a profitable investment for your property because maintenance procedures such as pruning is essential to maintain proper structure in trees.

Heavy machinery for tree care

Even though most of the arborists’ tools are heavy and dangerous to use, tree removal equipment can easily be the heaviest.  Tree removal should be the last option for an arborist if there is a risk of falling trees. Tracked aerial lifts and aerial bucket truck are some of the used machinery for this maintenance procedure.
Traced aerial lifts can extend from 60 to 80 feet and they let arborist reach narrow spaces, gates or hills while aerial bucket trucks usually extend up to 40 feet depending on the truck and it also raises the worker to the upper branches of the tree. On the other hand, we have mini skid steers that lift up heavy branches and tree chippers which reduce wood into smaller wood chips. There can be different types of this machine such as track chippers, that help clear any land, and whole tree chippers.

Other important trucks used for tree removal are the 4×4 trucks that help pull and tow machines and crane trucks which can lift up tons of logs using its grapple and a chainsaw bar.
Moving logs after removal can be messy, that’s why there are some machines that help in cleaning after cutting is done. For example, traced machine such as dozers which help remove dirt and help pull trees and equipment with its winch. We can’t forget about excavators that can be a great help when moving logs and crane mats Excavators of long reach and excavators mower are good for this job. Moreover, they are usually used in forestry equipment as well as Hydro Ax, another important equipment is which mows small trees.
Mowers are also important for tree care, for example, drum mowers that are attached to a track machine in order to mow underbrush. Tree removal is also done with some machines called Jarraffs, which can be tracked or wheeled, that allow trim trees to be raised up
Cutting tools are usually the sharpest for arborists, but they also are necessary for a tree’s treatment or its removal. Among the useful equipment that allows cutting you can find pruners, different types of axes, hedge trimmers etc. Chainsaws are also used for tree care and tree removal, they are very versatile and ensure easy operation.

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