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Equipment For The Modern Home Builder

Everything about heavy machinery for construction

Roof builders are using heavy equipment to hoist supplies to the job site.

Building a house is not as simple as it is shown in Bob the Builder episodes. Machines don’t operate on their own and problems aren’t fixed in one day. However, professional home builders are able to plan a construction operation that will get your house ready in the shortest possible time.

A home builder’s performance

Home building is a well-known business that focuses on the construction of private houses. As more and more people decide to design their own place, home builders gain popularity around the world. According to the National Association of Home builders’ guidelines. A home builder’s successful performance is crucial to a good customer and contractor relationship. Home builders should match with all expectations in order to achieve regulations such as health, safety and welfare.

Building structure

Building a house has to start somewhere and if you are wondering what part of your new place should be created first, you’ll be happy to find out that home builders’ plan is simpler than you thought. Some of the most important parts that are built first are:

·        Foundation and site work: home builders structure their projects starting with observing and studying the site where they will work, they have to be aware of any water penetration structural columns.

·        Interior floor construction: beams, columns are included.

·        Walls and exterior doors: exterior finish include cement board siding, masonry, and paint.

·        Roof: we cannot have a house without a roof, therefore planning this structure is also part of the job. As well as plumbing and flooring.

Heavy equipment

Heavy vehicles are necessary for construction operations such as home-building. These machines can cost more than $350,000. Furthermore, there are home-building machinery categories that you should know. Remember that some home-building procedures require more heavy equipment than others, therefore, planning is crucial to avoid money lost.

Earth-moving machinery

One of the most important equipment is the earth-moving equipment also called heavy-duty vehicles. These machines are able to perform jobs such as excavating.

–   Excavators: They have a long bucket arm and can rotate easily. They are classified as full-size excavator and mini excavators.

–         Skid-steer loaders: These machines are in charge of digging, pushing, snow blowing, drilling etc.

–         Trenchers: they usually have a toothed metal wheel that is used for carrying the excavated material to another place. Nowadays, you will be able to the find chain, micro or portable trenchers.

–         Backhoe loaders: you can see them in almost any type of construction. A backhoe loader should have a shovel in the front and a bucket behind the vehicle.

Material Handling Equipment

Do you want to have a productive workplace? That’s what material handling is for! It helps keep your machines or equipment safe and efficient.  

–         Cranes: you probably have seen these machines on the street before since they are a clear sign of a construction place. Cranes are usually equipped with hoists that helps move loads or any necessary material for the construction.

–         Conveyors, as well as crawler loaders and forklifts, are sometimes used for Material handling equipment.

Construction equipment

We finally arrived at the construction team which covers a range of stone crushers, concrete mixers, road rollers etc.

On the other hand, tipper or dumper trucks can be a great help while building a house. Moreover, vehicles trailers are also an important part of these procedures.

Other frequently used machinery

–         Hydraulic hammer: this machine is also part of the heavy equipment for many types of construction and they are very useful for demolition and road maintenance as well.

–         Hoe rams, or also called hydraulic breaker, are mostly used in demolition processes before building a new house.

–         Wood chippers and soil stabilizing equipment can be found in construction areas such as home building.

Technology equipment for home building.

It is a fact that technology is taking over home building, but this can mean a good thing to ensure safer procedures and in less time than before. Advanced machines are created every day such as earthworks grade control, equipment management systems, apps that help in construction logistics, thermal camera drones etc…

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