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Heavy Lifters And Diggers Of The Mining Industry

image of a heavy dump truck used in the mining industry

Mining is not just about using a shovel or moving a ton of soil, actually, there is a whole team behind the process of mining that many people don’t know. Heavy machinery is essential to all aspects of the company since this is an important tool for a miner to successfully extract all the materials safely in order to build your roads, vehicle manufacturers or any concrete path that you see around you. However, mining is still considered very dangerous so it’s important to understand how heavy equipment works. In this article, you’ll learn more about the types of machinery that is used in the mining industry.

What Are We Talking About?

We all know that minerals and metals are crucial for a city’s development, but they don’t simply “grow” like fruits or vegetables, that is to say, they have to be extracted from the earth by workers and machinery prepared and designed for this type of job. This whole process is called mining and it has become one of the main contributors to the economy. Furthermore, mining is getting more popular since it is considered a sustainable industry for many countries according to ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals).

Minerals and materials

According to Straterra there are different types of mining. For example, the open cut mining which removes an open pit in order to extract rock or minerals; seabed mining which takes place in the ocean floor; underground mining and placer mining that extracts materials from sediments in beaches or rivers. Some of the commonly mined materials are:
Copper etc.
Heavy mining machinery
Training is important in order to operate the machines safer and more efficiently. The type of heavy equipment depends on the location (above or below ground) and the minerals that will be mined. Here’s some of the heavy machinery for mining companies:
Earth-moving equipment: Excavators and bulldozers are a good example of this. They are used to carry soil and earth from one place to another. Excavators must have a strong horsepower, a powerful arm and bucket.
Mining drills: Drilling is used to creating holes in order to descend underground
Crushing equipment: These machines are specialized in breaking down rock and stone. For instance, you can find cone crushers which are made for building construction, mining and many other industries. Moreover, there’s a mobile impact crusher that focuses on crushing soft materials.
Blasting tools: as well as crushing machinery, blasting tools are used to remove rocks or any unwanted material.
Conveying and feeding equipment: Feeding devices or weigh feeders are useful to control material flow by “feeding” them into the crusher facilitating a successful operation. Belt conveyors are necessary to carry materials or manufactured products in mining industries. They should also have an anti-skidding design to ensure a safe place to work.

Other important equipment

Haul trucks: they are considered the best rigid dump trucks in any mining industry since they are very useful when transporting loose material
Hydrocyclone: It is used in the processing plants as a classification system.
Raymond mill: As well as hydrocyclones, Raymond mill can be found in processing plants. It grinds materials such as coal, clay, marble etc.
Sand washers: this equipment is essential for the cleaning process. It is used to remove the dust in the sand and clean materials.
On the other hand, mining is known to have high-tech heavy equipment since new technology such as telematics systems are being developed to improve the performance of heavy equipment for mining industries. For example, locating systems that help monitoring, preventative maintenance etc.

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