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Painting Company on a Higher Level

Have you ever wondered what kind of equipment does a professional painter use to get to the next level? Painting companies use a wide range of heavy equipment that can be as dangerous as any other machinery. In this article, you’ll learn more about the type of tools and equipment that help painting companies do their job.

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Painting companies specialize in different types of buildings that range from apartments to factories. Therefore they may include services such as drywall finishing, wall covering and decorative finishes, power wash and wood repair. Remember that painting isn’t just for houses! You may also find companies with bigger projects, for instance, conversions, new construction and renovations to existing buildings or property maintenance. This is why these companies are often classified as residential and commercial painting.

Residential and Commercial painting

A professional painter should have experience and skills in both types of painting since it’ll help work more efficiently and being more versatile. In spite of this, many painting contractors specialize in commercial painting while there are others who prefer residential. So, what is the difference?

Commercial painting companies have to deal with tight schedules and high-stress levels. They also tend to be production oriented. On the other hand, a residential painting contractor has a more flexible schedule and learns to pay attention to details easily. In fact, residential companies must be communicative with the client in order to accomplish all the requests.

Heavy Machinery for Painting Companies

It is important to know that heavy machinery for painting companies requires cleaning and regular maintenance in order ensure a safe workplace and avoid any risks. Some of the equipment for both residential and commercial painting companies:

  • Metal stamping presses: It is used to form and cut metal into a net shape by using a die. It is often called metalworking.
  • Conveyor systems: Even though conveyors move heavy materials from one place to another, they are also considered heavy machinery by painting companies.
  • Lathes: This machine is able to shape pieces of metal and wood.
  • Drill presses: They are used for tapping and enlarging cylindrical holes in a workplace.
  • Robotic welders: These machines are important in any welding process since they can be easily programmed.

·         Mixers: Painting companies may use High Shear Mixers or planetary mixer in order to get better liquid material.

  • Roll forming equipment: This machine is used for bending long strips of metal.  

Companies may also use machines or structures such as blenders, milling machines, high-heat furnaces and tank linings.

Methods and Procedures

Surface preparation is essential to any painting project, that is to say, companies will use methods such as hot or cold power washing, steam cleaning and chemical treatments to analyze where they are going to work. After analyzing the building’s or house surface, contractors finally start with spray painting. This procedure may be different depending on each company, but they can also rely on brush and roller techniques are also used if necessary.

Heavy machinery for commercial painting companies

In commercial situations, contractors face difficult access to exterior or interior surface, therefore they may use some heavy machinery such as: 

  • Hoists: Hoists can be operated manually or electrically, they are useful to lift or lower a load.

·         Aerial lift platforms: This machine has lifting mechanisms that allow workers to reach inaccessible areas.

·         Scaffolding: Workers use this temporary structure while building or cleaning a building.

·         High-rigging equipment: This equipment is crucial in the process of moving or lifting heavy objects either using a crane chain hoists

Swing stages and ladders are also important tools during any commercial painting process. Furthermore, some type of trucks, dozers, front end loaders, backhoes, road equipment are also helpful in restoration, construction or painting procedures. 

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